About the Comic

As a kid, Victor dreamed of training to be a superhero. That didn't go so well.

Now, nine years later, Victor is a resident at the Earl Estate, a home for kids who haven't yet demonstrated that they can control their powers. With his 18th birthday - and a transfer - only a few weeks away, he has one last chance to prove he is capable enough to receive his licence and go home to a normal life. But when he most needs things to go smoothly for once, everything starts to go wrong, and he finds himself tangled in the plot of a mysterious arsonist...

Inhibit started in January 2015 and updates every Wednesday!

Please note this comic does feature strong language, blood, and some body horror.

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About the Artist

I'm Eve, I'm Scottish, I accidentally bleached my hair bright orange like five years ago and have kept it that way ever since.

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evegwood [at] yahoo.co.uk
2019 Conventions

  • Dunfermline - March 30
  • Edinburgh - April 6-7
  • Paisley - April 13
  • Deecon (Dundee) - April 20
  • Cymera Festival (Edinburgh) - June 8-9
  • Glasgow Comic Con - June 29
  • Granite City (Aberdeen) - August 24
  • Thought Bubble - Nov 9-10

  • FAQ

  • What's your full name?
  • Eve Greenwood.

  • Then why is your username "evegwood"?
  • Because I was a dang fool.

  • How do you pronounce Urquhart?
  • UHR-kurt or UHR-kit! Not your-queue-heart. Here's a very Scottish pronunciation.

  • Will there be any LGBT+ characters?
  • Yes! 99% of the cast is queer and this will definitely be addressed in-comic.

  • Why do characters refer to Sid, Nirav, and Roslyn as "they"?
  • Those characters are nonbinary! Please don't use "he" or "she" to refer to them. Holly is nonbinary as well, but you can use "she" to refer to her - not all nonbinary people use "they"!