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Chapter 1, pg 2 (28 Jan 2015)

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Victor holds onto the lowered window and looks up at the guard as he continues speaking to his mum. "Have you brought his application?" the guard asks. "Yes," Bethany replies.

"Mum, look, he's got a gun!" Victor says, pointing. "Vic, hush," says his mum.

"Am I going to get a gun?" Victor asks, wide-eyed and smiling. "Move on through," says the guard, and as the car begins to pull away Bethany exasperatedly says, "Victor, sit down."

They park in front of a large glass building; the reception.

Victor bounces from the car, looking up at the building. "Mum, hurry up!" he says excitedly. "I'm coming, I'm coming," Bethany says, climbing out of the car with considerably less enthusiasm.

"Hey, don't run off," she says, opening up the boot of the car. "Don't forget your backpack!"

They head into the reception, a grand glass foyer with lights hanging from the ceiling*. Victor skips by Bethany's side, wearing his small green backpack. "Oh, wow," Bethany says. "This looks fancy, doesn't it, Vic?"

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*yes those are supposed to be lights