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Chapter 1, pg 4 (28 Jan 2015)

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Victor stays seated on the couch but continues to watch the waterfall, smiling.

A shadow is cast over him as someone approaches and he looks up, unsure. "Hi there!"

"My name is Emma Esser," says the woman, smiling pleasantly. She has high, sharp cheekbones and an equally sharp business suit. "I'm Urquhart's director."

She reaches her right hand out. "Are you the mother?" she asks. "Yes, nice to meet you," Bethany says, getting up to shake her hand.

Emma puts her hands on her knees and bends down. "And you must be Victor!" she says. "Are you excited?" "Yeah!" says Victor.

"Wonderful," says Emma, still smiling. She consults her tablet. "If you could make sure he has all his things, I'll take him inside."

"I can't come in with him?" Bethany asks worriedly, wringing her hands. "Don't worry, we'll take very good care of him," Emma says. "It's part of my policy to give careful attention to each new child."

Victor is clutching the straps of his backpack, eager to set off. Bethany puts a hand on his back. "Alright, go with the nice lady. I'll see you in a week. Please be good."

"Okay, bye, Mum!" Victor says, with sparkles in his eyes. He runs after Emma, not even glancing back at Bethany, who watches him go with a hand over her heart and a worried expression.

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