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Chapter 1, pg 5 (28 Jan 2015)

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Emma leads Victor through the building; the aqua blue of the foyer steadily gives way to a darker teal. "So you take after your dad, huh?" Emma says, making a note on her tablet. "Uh-huh!" Victor says, skipping after her.

She looks down at him. "And now you're following in his footsteps by joining Urquhart? That's great!"

"No, he worked at Miller," Victor says proudly. "He was a--" "Wonderful," Emma interrupts.

"This is the last one for today," she says to a guard in the same blue uniform and helmet as the guard at the gate. He is wearing one blue medical glove. There is someone else with him; a boy of about fifteen or sixteen, grinning at Victor with his arms folded. He is wearing a different kind of uniform; a dark grey-blue, almost black, with a thick band of white running from the left shoulder across the chest and under the right arm. He is wearing something strange and metallic with a blue screen on both his arms.

Victor stands uncertainly as Emma continues to talk to the guard. "Yes ma'am," the guard says. "Were there any problems with the others?" Emma asks. "The cryo refuses to use her inhibitor," replies the guard. "If Jeremy can't sort her out, get someone else to look after her," Emma says. "Inhibit this one first."

The guard looms over Victor, holding two strange tube-like devices. "Alright son. Hold still."

"Huh? What--" Victor says, trying to step away, but the guard grabs his arm with his gloved hand.

The guard shoves Victor's arms through the devices so he is wearing them on his forearms, like the other boy. "Ow, that hurts!" Victor grimaces. "Stop wriggling, says the guard.

Victor's mouth wobbles as he looks down at his arms. "Don't fiddle with them, please," Emma says curtly.

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