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Chapter 1, pg 6 (28 Jan 2015)

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"I'd like to introduce you to someone," says Emma, gesturing at the boy in the striped uniform with vague disinterest. The boy is standing with his hands behind his back. "This is Nathan." "Nate," the boy corrects, but he smiles. "He's electro-manipulative, just like you," Emma continues, ignoring him. "Nathan's going to help you get nice and settled, alright?"

Emma and the guard begin to walk away. "I'll see you later at the induction," Emma says, no longer smiling. Victor is still looking at the devices on his arms. "Uh, but-" he says, confused. "I thought-"

Emma and the guard leave without another word. "Come on, little man," Nate says, beckoning him on. "I'll take you to your dorm."

Victor looks nervously after Emma. "Mum said I'm supposed to go with that lady."

He finally looks at Nate and his expression changes. "...Why are you wearing that?"

"What, the uniform?" Nate says, raising his eyebrows and looking down at himself. "It means I'm a trainee. What's wrong with it?"

"It looks dumb," Victor says, grimacing. Nate smirks, hands in his pockets. "Well, you're getting one too, smartass."

"We'd better get going," Nate says. They begin walking. There is a sign on the wall with two arrows; the arrow pointing the way the way they came says "Reception" and "Blocks A to N". They're heading in the direction of "Blocks O to Z". Nate continues: "You'll like where you're sleeping. It's a big room with lots of kids your age. It's basically one big sleepover."

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