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Chapter 1, pg 10 (30 Jan 2015)

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Victor throws his hands up in surprise, his face full of fear as he sees the person standing in front of him, even though she's much shorter than he is. "-Ahahahaha, Rachel!" he says nervously. "Enjoying yourself?" Rachel asks with a deadpan expression. She has a dark top on and glasses, and her shoulder-length hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail. She does not look pleased.

"Isolation is supposed to boring," she says. Victor clutches his arm and refuses to meet her gaze. "If you want to read, don't get yourself put there in the first place." "Yeah, sorry," Victor says. "I thought you were Rab... Lapin."

"It doesn't matter. You're coming out today," says Rachel. "Nate's here to see you."

We see Victor from behind and can't see his expression. "Please be joking," he says. Rachel folds her arms; she has an ID card of some kind pinned to her shirt. "He's waiting in the visitor's hall. You can go back to the units when you're done," she says.

"Do you know why he's here?" Victor asks with a crestfallen expression, tucking his hands into his hoodie pocket. "You'll have to ask him yourself," Rachel says, already walking away. "Let's go."

"And don't forget to call your parents afterwards," she adds. "Ugh... fine..." Victor mumbles, rubbing his forehead.

They come to a small security barrier with a card reader. An old man wearing a cap and reading a newspaper sits at a small desk next to it. Rachel scans her ID card and her information appears on the computer on the desk; her name, her photo, and a small green circle. "See you later, Lapin," Rachel says.

Victor follows Rachel through the gate and his information appears too, though instead of a circle, two triangles appear; the top yellow, and the bottom red. Victor makes an "I'm watching you" gesture at Lapin, who just keeps reading his newspaper. "Ms Hofstee," he says calmly.

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ahahhAH AHHHA hahhAHAAAAAA rachel.

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