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Chapter 1, pg 12 (3 Feb 2015)

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Victor glances back over his shoulder as Rachel continues to yell up to the three on the roof.

He enters the building opposite the one they just left. The place looks old and rundown; it's very different to the fancy glass of the Urquhart Clinic. A sign points him towards the Visiting Hall - another sign, almost falling off the wall, says "PLEASE WEAR UNIFORMS".

He talks to a younger security guard at a desk, who checks his information on a computer again.

He pauses in the doorway to the hall. The room is full of tables and chairs, but only one chair is occupied.

It's Nathan. He's sitting looking at his phone with his feet up on the table. He's wearing almost the exact same uniform he was wearing when he was younger, except this one has white bands around the arms. His head is shaved into a close undercut and he has a terrible goatee. He doesn't have the chunky inhibitors anymore; instead, he's wearing thick, metallic bracelets around his wrists. He doesn't look happy to be there.

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