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Chapter 1, pg 13 (4 Feb 2015)

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Victor approaches Nate's table, clutching his right arm. Nate doesn't even look up and just continues texting. His phone makes loud "BIP" noises as he types.

"Hey, Nate!" Victor says loudly, trying to smile. He wave awkwardly. Nate doesn't look up. BIP. BIP.

Victor rubs the back of his neck. BIP. "Thought you weren't coming til next week... heh..."

Nate continues texting with a pissed off look on his face. BIP. BIP.

"Nate?" Victor says. Nate finally speaks: "You still wearing that damn hoodie?"

"Uh-" Victor starts, but Nate points at the other chair. "Gonna sit down or what?" "Oh. Yeah," Victor says.

Nate returns to his phone as Victor sits, hands in his hoodie pocket again. "Where's Rachel?" Nate asks. "Dealing with... something," Victor replies.

Nate turns off his phone and turns to look properly at Victor, unimpressed.

"So," he says, leaning on folded arms. "You wanna explain yourself?"

Victor laughs uncomfortably. "What?"

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Nate really loves his job.