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Chapter 1, pg 14 (5 Feb 2015)

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Nate frowns. As he speaks, his new inhibitors begin to light up with a quiet, blue glow. "Look, I don't have time for this. Dragging my ass down to this dump takes up a huge chunk of time that I can't really spare. I'm needed at Urquhart. So when I actually make the effort to see you, I expect to at least hear about some improvements, and not about how you managed to get stuck in iso. Again. This is the third time this year. Rachel already gave me the details on this particular disaster, but I'm dying to hear what excuse you've come up with."

He leans back in his chair, having finished his rant. "So. Explain."

"It was an accident," Victor says, immediately on the defensive. "Try again," Nate says. "It wasn't my fault," says Victor.

"Man, I'm so sick of hearing this shit," Nate says. "There were a lot of mixed signals going on!" Victor says angrily.

"They tell you to electrify something and then get mad when it blows up. What did they think was gonna happen?" he says. He jabs his hand into the air to underline his point.

Nate looks away. "Right, whatever."

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