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Chapter 1, pg 15 (6 Feb 2015)

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"Why are you here, anyway?" Victor demands. Nate waves the question away. "I had some big news to share, but I don't even know if it's applicable anymore. I'm going to have to talk to your supervisors about it."

"Right..." Victor says, unconvinced. Nate takes his phone out again and looks at it.

"How's Jezza?" Victor asks. "Just gone dormant," Nate replies, reading a text. "Left Urquhart about a month ago." "Oh," Victor says.

Nate grins as he types something into his phone. "Whatever, he's twenty-seven," he says distractedly. "I was surprised he even lasted this long."

He stands up and jerks his thumb behind him. "Right, they're calling me back to work," he says. Victor glowers. "You're not going to tell me the news?" he says.

Nate turns his back on him. "I've got to find out if you getting yourself into deeper shit is going to mess it up. See you later, little man."

Nate makes his exit, leaving Victor sitting alone in the visitor's hall. The grungey brown of the walls fades into an acidic green as the scene transitions. Someone shouts, "Oh, for crying out loud!"

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