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Chapter 1, pg 16 (9 Feb 2015)

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The view of some sort of living room, with a staircase leading up to another floor. The walls are bright green and the carpet a dirty beige. There is a bright pink bookshelf with a few books scattered on it and a small pink TV stand with a large television. A PS1 is plugged into it. There is an old beige couch with two kids sitting on it - a short girl with a small snub nose, round cheeks, a gap in her front teeth, and curly red hair down to the middle of her back, and a boy with a sharp jaw, a mole on his right cheek, and short, dark brown hair. They're both wearing grey shirts, and we can see that the boy's has two small triangles over the upper right part of his chest; the top is pink and the bottom is red. The girl is playing a game on the playstation - or at least, trying to. She scowls at the screen, holding the controller out of reach of the boy. "Cameron, stop it!" she says. "Stop what? Stop tickling you?" Cameron says, grinning, trying to grab the controller off her. There is also a purple armchair, where the curly-haired boy from earlier is sitting reading a book. We can now see that he's wearing some kind of hearing aids.

The two on the couch continue to bicker. "Cut it out, you jerk! You made me die!" the girl howls. "Is the tickling bothering you? Just say so, come on," says Cameron. "Guys, please. Some of us are trying to read," says the boy in the armchair.

They don't seem to hear him. "I hate you so much!" "You just have to let me know!" He closes his book and touches his hearing aid, an annoyed but resigned look on his face. We can now see that he has two triangles on his shirt too; the top orange, the bottom green. There is a click from behind him.

The boy in the armchair turns to see Victor coming into the room. "Oh, hey, welcome back," he tries to say, but he's drowned out by a scream.

"Noooo, stop it!" the girl on the couch shrieks as Cameron tickles her. The controller goes flying. "I can't hear you, speak up!" Cameron says.

"HI, CAMERON," Victor says loudly. The girl smiles but Cameron shoots him a look. "Oh good, Chuckles is home," he says.

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