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Chapter 1, pg 18 (11 Feb 2015)

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Victor gives him a look but the girl, now sitting cross-legged on the couch, brightens up. "If you want to socialise, quit reading and play multiplayer with me," she says.

"I'll play," says Victor, but she taps her chin. "Hmm. Let me think about that. No." "Julia, I've been in iso for two days," Victor says.

The boy points his book at Victor. "Yeah, because you blew up a computer." Victor clenches his hands. "It was just some measuring equipment," he says, frustrated. "It was an accident."

Julia picks the controller back up as Victor seethes. "How did you get out of iso so early, anyway?" she asks.

"Nate came to see me," says Victor. As soon as Julia hears this her eyes turn into hearts and she freezes.

She leans in close to Victor, who recoils. "Nate was here? Did he ask about me?" she says, eyes wide. "Uh, no?" Victor says, curled up against the armrest. "He wasn't here to talk to his fans."

Julia closes her eyes and cups her cheeks in her hands, sighing dreamily. "He's sooooo cute."

"Don't let Cameron hear you say that," the boy in the armchair smirks, but Julia snaps, "I'll say what I want, David."

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shut up, david