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Chapter 1, pg 19 (12 Feb 2015)

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Victor ignores what his friends are saying; he's entered Complain Mode and nothing will stop him. "Anyway," he starts, "all he said was that he had something big to tell me, then decided not to tell me that something and left to go save the world, or whatever it is he does."

"Which is just, you know, perfect timing. I'm trying my best here, but he just has to turn up out of the blue at the worst possible moment and shout at me for not doing better."

"He doesn't even do any mentoring. He just sits there and texts and makes sarcastic comments. I don't even know why he bothers visiting. He probably just likes seeing how much of a failure I've turned out to be."

The three sit in silence for a moment as a dark cloud hangs over the room. Julia looks away, David looks at Victor with concern, and Victor just glares straight ahead.

"Is he done complaining yet?" David asks, returning to his book. "I don't know," replies Julia. "His mouth's shut, so hopefully."

"I liked it better when he was gone," Julia says. Victor turns his glare towards her. "Same," says David.

Julia perks up. "Let's ask Rachel to put him back in iso." "Ha ha," Victor barks as David smirks. "You're both terrible."

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