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Chapter 1, pg 20 (13 Feb 2015)

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Julia nudges Victor with her elbow. "Have you called your mum yet?" she asks. "Ugh," Victor grumbles. "No."

He gets up but David says, "If you're going to use the phone, I'll head upstairs. The noise gives me a headache."

Julia has spun around so that she's lying upside down on the couch, feet over the back of it. "Why haven't you seen Noor about a new hearing aid yet?" she says. David touches his fingers to his ear again worriedly. "I don't want her to know these ones are already broken," he replies.

"What is it with you two and breaking stuff? I've hardly tapped into my fund," Julia says, dangling her head over the edge of the couch.

Victor reaches for the phone on the wall. It has a black band of rubber around it. "Yeah, well, you only have to spend money on peg legs, you bloody pirate," David says.

"I was about to offer to fix them for you, but you can forget it now," sniffs Julia. "Wow, can you guys shut up?" Victor says, looking back at them. "I'm calling."

"Back five minutes and he's already bossing us about," Julia announces, still upside down on the couch. We see David walking upstairs as Victor uses the phone. It's mounted on the wall by the TV, next to a map of the world. "Hey, can I make an outside call?" Victor says. "My home number. Thanks."

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aaand that's the last of this week's update! next week is going to be the last five pages of chapter one, and the week after we're going to start chapter two with one update a week! thanks for reading so far, guys!