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Chapter 1, pg 22 (17 Feb 2015)

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Julia props herself up on her elbow and looks seriously up at Victor. "Alright here. You can have a quick shot at the game."

She swivels around so that she's sitting cross-legged on the floor, holding the controller. "We were just joking, by the way, but you really do need to cheer up." "I know, sorry," says Victor.

She holds the controller out to him as he sits down. "I accept your apology," she says. "Now beat this level for me."

Victor takes the controller and smiles gratefully at her.

Scene change. It's dark; Nate is driving a van through the city, the headlights leaving a streak in the darkness. The van has the Urquhart Clinic logo on it; a palm, outstretched. He's wearing a jacket with the same pattern as his uniform and he's staring straight ahead, brow furrowed.

End of page.

Oh, this guy again.