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Chapter 1, pg 23 (17 Feb 2015)

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The van pulls up to the scene of a fire. Its headlights illuminate a firetruck, two firefighters aiming a hose at a billowing column of smoke, and a person in an outfit similar to Nate's.

The person glances back. It's a tall, young woman with long eyelashes and thick, brown hair, tied back. She's wearing a white mouth mask to protect herself from breathing in the smoke. Where Nate's uniform has a diagonal band across the chest, hers has a vertical column, starting from the top of her high collar and ending halfway down her top. She's outlined in the flashing blue lights of the firetruck.

"Finally," she says as Nate gets out the car. The van's licence plate is UQ135. "I was at the Earl Estate," Nate says. "What did I miss?"

The woman points at the remains of the fire. "Someone set fire to half the Miller compound early this morning. They're putting the last of it out now. All the trainees have been evacuated to Urquhart and Larner." "Miller trainees at Larner? Christ," says Nate.

He puts a cigarette between his lips and holds up his fingers. A thin arc of electricity lights the cigarette. "Variant?" Nate says, unconcerned. "We think so," says the woman, watching him closely. "There's-" "Fine," Nate interrupts. "Get me a Miller officer and the fire captain."

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Who is she???

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