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Chapter 1, pg 24 (19 Feb 2015)

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Nate begins to wander away. The young woman squints at him.

Then she runs after him. "Holly's already talking to them. Nate-"

"Alright," says Nate. "Get her to see if there were any problems with their pyros. I wouldn't be surprised." The woman stops at his side. "Nate," she says.

The cigarette dangles from Nate's mouth as he surveys the scene. "This looks like a trainee-gone-wrong situation. Why were we even called out for this?" "Nathan!" the woman shouts.

He plucks the cigarette out his mouth and whirls around. "What?!" he snaps.

The woman points. They glare at each other.

Nate breaks eye contact to look towards where she is pointing.

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