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Chapter 1, pg 25 (20 Feb 2015)

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We see the backs of Nate and his companion as they look at the entrance to one of the buildings. There are two strands of police tape that say "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" blocking the way. The glass of the automatic doors are cracked and bashed in; there are the vague shapes of people inside. But that isn't what she was pointing out. Above the doorway, clumsily burned into the brick, is the word "CHALICE". A large "Y" symbol, like a three-armed spoke, is also burned into the wall, right on top of this word; the spoke shooting downwards has cracked the building's sign in half. One half remains on the wall, stating "MILLER IN VARIATION", and the other half is lying on the ground beneath it, saying "STITUTE FOR AL TRAINING". Nate takes this all in. "Oh," he says. "Shit."

Chapter end.

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And that's the end of the first chapter! Thanks so much for your readership over the past couple of weeks, I'm so grateful for all the support I've received. I'm really excited to start Chapter Two. From now on updates will be every Wednesday so come back on Feb 25th for the first page of the new chapter!