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Chapter 2, pg 1 (25 Feb 2015)

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Chapter 2.

A wide shot of a grey, slightly rundown-looking compound. The buildings are bathed in the early morning light. There is a chainlink fence separating one half of the compound from the other. There is a *ding dong* as an announcement is being made over the tannoy: "Good morning!"

We see a door with a sign on the front that says "Unit 3". Bits of paper have been taped to the door: in cursive, with a heart over the "i", Julia has written her name followed by two exclamation marks. Victor and David have also scrawled their names and put them up under hers. The announcement continues: "I hope you all slept well."

"Please do not forget to put on your inhibitors before leaving your unit." Julia is asleep with her arm over her eyes, snoring. Her bedroom wall is covered in photos of her and the other residents and there is a poster of the Eiffel Tower over her bed. Her bedside table has a framed family photo, a couple of books, and a snowglobe.

"As always, unit residents must leave together and eat at their assigned tables." David is tucked up cosy under his blanket. A guitar leans against the wall next to his bed.

Victor is the only one who isn't sleeping through the announcement. He's lying on his front, one arm dangling over the side of the bed as he stares listlessly. "See you at breakfast!" The announcement concludes with another *ding dong*.

Victor groans and puts a pillow over his head.

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Yeah yeah yEAH CHAPTER 2!! Also, don't forget updates are going to be once a week from now on. Sad, I know. Sorry