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Chapter 2, pg 2 (4 Mar 2015)

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The residents of Unit 3 are getting ready. Victor brushes his teeth.

Julia slips a prosthesis over her left leg, which ends midway down her shin. The prosthesis has two racing stripes and a purple flower stuck to it.

Victor pulls his blue hoodie on over his shirt, which we can now see has two triangles on it; the top is yellow and the bottom is red.

Julia jumps onto David's bed, where he's still bundled in his blanket. He yells.

The trio, along with all the other residents, make their way to another building. "If you're going to jump on me, at least try not to knee me in the ribs," David grumbles. "Try moving your ribs away from my knees, then," Julia retorts. Victor asks, "Do we have maths or history today?" "Maths today, history tomorrow," replies David. "I guess that's one good thing about iso," Victor says. "Skipping class."

They join the small line of kids in the cafeteria and collect their tray of breakfast. "Your education's going down the drain," Julia says, looking unimpressed. "Oh, shut up," says Victor.

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Mm. Breakfast.