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Chapter 2, pg 3 (11 Mar 2015)

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Victor, Julia, and David sit down at a table and start to eat. The girl from the roof yesterday turns to say something to David. Her hair is now green rather than pink. A slightly concerned looking boy passes their table, holding his breakfast tray with hands that are turning translucent. Cameron hustles towards the table, eyes on Julia.

He hugs her from behind and Julia beams, glancing up at him.

Cameron sits down at the table and starts talking. Julia and David happily join in the conversation but Victor looks less than thrilled.

The other residents eat their food. The concerned boy is almost completely invisible, except for the top half of his head. The boy next to him has taken off one of his arm-length gloves to eat some toast and jam.

A close-up of an empty plate, with the remnants of someone's breakfast.

End of page.

time for breakfast banter

There will be no page next week! I'm going to be away for ten days and I'd rather keep the next page for when I'm back home. However, if you're dying to see more of my work, I just put up a 130-page pdf of my 2014 sketchbook on gumroad, and you can buy it here for 1 pound or more! It's got a whole bunch of fanart, loads of Inhibit development sketches and doodles, and even some stuff for future comics. Hope you guys enjoy it!

See you in two weeks!