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Chapter 2, pg 4 (26 Mar 2015)

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All the residents sit in a classroom. The boy's arms and head are now completely invisible, all we can see are his clothes. Julia chats to hims, arms outstretched. Victor sits with his head on his desk and his arms over his head. "Alright, let's get started. Quiet, please," says the teacher.

She approaches her desk, holding a folder. There is a fire extinguisher just by the desk. "Neil, either stay visible, or go see Noor," she says, unenthusiastic. "I said quiet, please, Julia."

"First," she says, "let's congratulate Scott, who has received his work licence and is leaving us tomorrow. Well done, Scott." The boy in question sits at his desk with his hands clasped, smiling smugly. His shirt has two green triangles on it.

Julia sits up in her chair and claps while Victor raises his head and glares in Scott's direction. "You'll be working with the Larner Centre, am I right?" asks the teacher. "Yeah," Scott replies. "Medical research."

"When the hell did he get his licence?" Victor asks Julia. "Couple of days ago?" Julia says. "You weren't here." The teacher speaks to the class again: "Okay, fourth years. You're continuing the reading from yesterday, so no noise from you."

"Fifth and sixth years, eyes up here. Today we're starting matrices."

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Finally finished the page! I can't wait until we're back to one or two people per panel, these group scenes are killing me.

EDIT 1/4/15: There will be no update today, sorry! I really didn't want to have to skip another update after doing it a couple of weeks ago, but I'm overwhelmed with other work right now. Hopefully this will be the last time for a while!