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Chapter 2, pg 5 (8 Apr 2015)

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The teacher begins explaining matrices while Victor watches, not really paying attention.

The words fade as Victor falls asleep, head drooping.

The teacher notices Victor is asleep and stops her lesson. "Victor," she says sharply. Victor jolts awake and practically shouts, "YES."

"Can you wait until after class to take a nap?" she says, displeased. Victor blushes and apologises. Sid and one of the other residents look back at him. "Also you are snoring and it is very loud," the other resident says quietly.

The teacher begins to write some maths examples on the whiteboard.

The whiteboard is now full. "Alright, that's all for today," the teacher says. "See you all tomorrow."

The kids leave the building. There are two familiar-looking faces across the courtyard. "Freedom!" Julia hollers, jumping in the air. "Ouch! Julia, my ears," David says.

He turns to Victor, hands in his pockets. "Coming to see Noor?" he asks. "Yeah, I've not been since last week," says Victor, glowering. Julia smirks and jerks her thumb at her chest. "Well, I'm not. I'm gonna do something cool. I'm gonna..." She trails off.

She leans forwards and stares across the courtyard. "Gonna what?" Victor prompts. "Julia."

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