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Chapter 2, pg 7 (6 May 2015)

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At the sound of his name, Nate glances behind him.

But he ignores them and goes back to talking to Rachel.

Julia stands with her hands on her hips between the two boys. David is clutching his head and Victor just looks upset. "Well, that's rude," Julia says.

"He doesn't even have the decency to wave?" she continues, disgruntled. Victor tries to move her away, saying, "Whatever, can we please go."

"Wait..." comes a small voice from the floor. Julia and David look down. "Give me a sec..."

David is crouched on the floor, clutching his head. He's being overloaded with all the sound going on around him. "David, are you okay?" Julia says, worried.

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lmao david pull urself together

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