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Chapter 2, pg 8 (13 May 2015)

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David can barely move. Julia puts her hand on his back. "Is it your inhibitors?" she asks. "Mm-hm," David mumbles as a reply.

"Okay, stand up. Let's go to the medblock. Come on, you can't just sit there," Julia says. Across the courtyard, Nate argues with Rachel as she holds her hand up to dismiss him.

Julia pulls David to his feet and supports him as he cowers, still clutching his head. "Here," she says, turning to Victor. "You can lean on-"

"No," says Victor. He has his hands firmly in his hoodie pocket and looks a little scared.

Julia just looks at him, irritated.

"Okay, lean on me," she says to David. "Open your eyes or you'll trip." David mumbles in response. "Sorry, Jules," Victor says, pulling his hood back down. They slowly make their way across the courtyard as Nate continues to argue with Rachel.

They enter the medblock. Lapin, the security guard, is once again at his post, reading a newspaper. Julia helps David through the gate. "Alright, kids?" he asks without looking up. "Yeah, going upstairs," Julia says.

Julia and David climb the stairs, Vic trailing after them at a distance. They come to a door with the name "Dr Chaudhry" on it.

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There they go.