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Chapter 2, pg 9 (20 May 2015)

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Julia bangs on the door. "Noor! Can we come in?" she shouts. "Noor!"

The door opens to reveal the boy who had gone invisible, now completely visible again. "Oh, Neil," Julia says, surprised. "Sorry. Should we wait?" "Nah, I'm done!" Neil says. "My beautiful face is back."

Julia hurries David into the room as Victor holds the door open. "When was the last time you disappeared like that? A month ago?" Victor asks Neil.

Neil puts his hands on his hips and sucks on his teeth. "Yeah, man, it's been a while," he says. "Guess I was just..."

"Having a bad there day!" he exclaims, shooting finger guns at Victor and winking.

Victor stares at him as Neil holds the pose, grinning.

Neil drops the pose. "Get it, like, bad hair day," he says, unsure. "Except I was invisible, so. Bad there day."

"Bye, Neil," Victor says, following Julia and David into the room. Neil waves and says, "Okay, yeah, cool, man."

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