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Chapter 2, pg 10 (27 May 2015)

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Victor shuts the door behind him with a click as a conversation unfurls without him. "Something might have come loose inside. You'll have to take them off," says the doctor. "Can you fix them?" David asks, his voice shaky. "I can do it," Julia pipes up. "Thank you, Julia, but no," says the doctor. "Go get the headphones out the drawer for me."

Victor sits awkwardly on the old cushioned seats next to the door. "Which drawer?" Julia asks. "The one that says 'hyp aud'," replies the doctor. "Obviously," David groans.

Julia rifles through a large filing cabinet with drawers that are labelled with things like "pyro", "hyp vis", and "hyp aud". She pulls a pair of headphones out of one of the drawers. "These?" she asks. "That's them. Bring them here," says the doctor, hand outstretched. She's wearing a blue smock with an ID card pinned to the front and a bright yellow headscarf. This must be the Noor Julia was shouting for earlier. David is seated at her desk, head firmly planted on the top with his hands still clamped over his ears. The room is full of papers, folders of even more papers, and old-fashioned computer equipment.

Noor holds the headphones over David's head. "On three, David," she says. "One... two..."

Eyes scrunched shut, David pulls out his hearing aids as Noor settles the headphones over his ears. "Three. Easy," she says. David opens one eye experimentally.

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All better.

Here, have some links! This week's bonus is a collection of development sketches for Noor and Rachel, so head on over to TopWebComics if you wanna check that out.

The archive page has been revamped (it looks a lot less cluttered now), and the cast page is finally up! You wanna know birthdays and last names and shit???????????????? All is revealed.

Lastly, if you want me to draw something for you, you can commission me! I set up my portfolio site too. Okay I'm done