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Chapter 2, pg 12 (24 Jun 2015)

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Now in the observation room, Julia pulls her jumper over her head. An automatic announcement plays: "Please remove any loose or flammable clothing before engaging variation." "Are you sleeping well, by the way?" Noor asks off-screen. "Yeah," Victor replies.

Julia's arms and head get trapped in the jumper and she struggles with it for a moment. "Door locked. Please wait for directions," the announcement continues. "Have you been taking those sleeping tablets I got you?" Noor asks Victor. "Yyyeah," comes the slower reply.

Julia ties her jumper around her waist and speaks up: "He fell asleep in class today." "Julia!" Victor hisses.

"So you haven't been taking the sleeping tablets," Noor says. Victor shrugs and averts his eyes. "I'm fine," he says. "It's fine! And I didn't fall asleep in class."

"We'll talk about it later," Noor says sternly. Through the glass, Julia puts her hands on her hips and demands, "Do you actually want me to do anything in here?"

Noor turns her attention to Julia. "Alright, Julia," she says. "Let's start with fingertips please." Julia folds her arms. "Fingertips are boring!" she says. "Am I going to have to ask twice?" Noor says.

With a challenging look on her face, Julia raises her hands so Noor can see. Small bits of ice are forming on the very ends of her fingers. "Thank you," Noor says.

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