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Chapter 2, pg 13 (1 Jul 2015)

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Noor taps some buttons on her keyboard and checks her screen for some figures. "Hold it there for a moment, please," she says.

Julia keeps her hands up, looking bored. The ice begins to creep down towards her palms.

"Excuse me!" Noor says, surprising Julia. The ice shatters around her fingers.

"No further than the knuckles," Noor says. "Awwww, Noor..." Julia grumbles as another automatic announcement plays overhead: "2.7 detected. Variation monitored."

"No more, I mean it," Noor says, unamused. Her phone rings in her pocket and David looks towards it.

David puts his hands over his headphones as Noor answers her phone and turns away from the observation room. She holds a finger up to Julia. "This is Dr Chaudhry," she says. "Oh, hello."

Julia seizes her chance. "Yes, I've got Unit 3 with me now," says Noor, not paying attention as Julia lifts her arms up and bites her lip. More ice forms around her fingers as she concentrates.

She presses her arms down suddenly, hands splayed as a splash-shaped column of ice forms around each arm.

Noor glances towards her as she continues her conversation. "No, but he's here. Blue's in the observation r- HEY!" she snaps as she realises what Julia is doing.

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