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Chapter 2, pg 14 (8 Jul 2015)

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Julia raises her ice-encased hands above her head, laughing triumphantly. "What did I just say?" Noor demands.

"Come get your inhibitor," she says. Julia closes her eyes and raises her eyebrows smugly. "Didn't bring it," she says.

Noor leans forwards. "Why not?" she says, annoyed. "I wasn't expecting to be forced into obs today, was I?" Julia retorts. "Are we done? My arms are stuck."

Noor sighs and touches David's shoulder. "David, get the hairdryer out, would you?" she says resignedly.

She turns back to her keyboard and presses a button that opens the door to the observation room. "Sorry about that," she says, lifting her phone back to her ear. "No, nothing. Let me check." David looks to Victor and raises his finger to sign [what?]. Victor points at his head in the sign for [hairdryer].

David goes to the filing cabinets along the wall and rummages for the hairdryer as Julia leaves the observation room. "Cold, cold, cold," she says, holding her frozen arms out in front of her. "Don't get any drips on me," Victor says.

David turns on the hairdryer and starts to use it to melt Julia's arms. "Try to aim the drips at Victor," Julia says. "I mean it," Victor warns.

Julia leans towards him. "Come here and give me a hug," she says. Victor kicks out with his legs to keep her away. "Stop!" he barks.

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Also this is all I could think about while drawing that second panel: