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Chapter 2, pg 15 (15 Jul 2015)

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David waits with the hairdryer as Julia and Victor continue their spat. Noor ends her phonecall, saying "Alright, see you in a minute."

She turns towards the kids. "I'm going ot have to cut this short, I'm afraid," she says. "I've just been called into a meeting."

Julia stops tormenting Victor, asking, "What about David's hearing aids?"

"They'll have to wait until I come back. Rachel needs to see me about something important," Noor says. She raises her hand to her head, signing [headphones]. "Headphones okay?" she asks David. David gives a thumbs up and she smiles. "Good."

Noor begins to collect papers from her desk. "Julia, I'll call on the intercom when the inhibitors are ready to be picked up," she says. "Sure," Julia replies.

The trio wait in the hall as Noor closes the door to her lab.

They watch as she climbs the stairs, papers under her arm.

As soon as she's out of sight, Julia whips around to point at Victor. "She's totally going to see Rachel!" she exclaims. "Yes," Victor says. "I was there when she told us."

Julia is undeterred. She grins fiendishly. "Nate was talking to Rachel too!" she says. "I bet they're all having some big secret meeting about you. Let's go eavesdrop."

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