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Chapter 2, pg 16 (22 Jul 2015)

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"What?" Victor says, taken aback. "No!"

Julia squishes her cheeks. "Yes," she says. "No. I just got of iso," says Victor. "I can't get in any more trouble, I'm basicaly on my last chance."

Julia folds her arms and rolls her eyes. "You were on your last chance ten chances ago," she says. "Let's just go back to the units," Victor pleads.

Julia leans forwards. "Victor! Your mentor - who, let's face it, sucks in every possible way - has come to the Estate two days in a row. He's talking to Rachel and Noor. Didn't you say yesterday that he had big news? What if that means you're getting your licence?"

Victor looks away. "I'm not," he says.

"You don't know that," says Julia. "I do," Victor replies, holding his arm. "I already know what the news is anyway." David tries to get their attention by signing [what are you guys talking about?].

Victor ignores him, saying, "Now that Jezza's dormant, Nate's probably been promoted or something. He'll just be here to gloat about it."

This news finally shakes Julia out of her insistence that they follow Noor. "Wait, what?" she says.

Before Victor can speak, a voice comes over the tannoy. Julia and Victor look up as Lapin says, "Blue! Allen! McGowan! Stop lurking. If you have no reason to be here, leave the building." David folds his arms and huffs over being ignored.

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get out of here u crazy kids

This week's bonus is a couple of doodles from 2012/2013 that I salvaged from my external hard drive. I have So Many drawings like these saved all over the place and I'd show you them all but they're either a) spoilers b) not relevant at all anymore or c) the exact same drawing over and over. They're all, however, terrible.