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Chapter 2, pg 17 (29 Jul 2015)

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The three make their way downstairs. Julia hurries after Victor, asking, "What do you mean, Jeremy's dormant? Did Nate say that? Why didn't you tell me?" "I dunno," Victor says. "Just forgot."

They exit back through the gates at the front desk. "When did it happen?" Julia asks. "I have no idea. I didn't ask for specifics," says Victor.

"Do you know if he's still at Urquhart, or did he leave?" Julia continues. "Did he get his domestic licence?"

Victor glares back at her as they leave the building. "I don't know!" he snaps. "Who cares? When was the last time he even came to visit?"

"...He's been busy with work," Julia says, frowning. "Can't have been that busy if he's just gone dormant," Victor growls.

Julia stops walking and looks to the side, angry and upset.

Victor stops too, having realised he'd gone too far.

"Sorry," he starts to say. "That wasn't-" "Oh!" Julia says suddenly, grabbing David's hand. "Follow me, we can get back in this way!"

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okay son that's nice but there's no time for apologies we gotta go