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Chapter 2, pg 18 (5 Aug 2015)

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Julia pulls David to the side of the building they just left. Victor watches them. "Get back in?" he repeats.

"I told you, we are not eavesdropping," he says, following them as they enter a tiny courtyard. There's a sad patch of grass in the centre, surrounded by an overgrown gravel path. "Are you listening to me?" he says.

David looks back at Victor, concerned, as Julia pulls him along. "Jeezo, this garden's gone to ruin," she says.

"The least Scott could do before he goes is come down here and fix it all up," she continues. Behind her, Victor sticks his tongue out at the bushes as he shuffles in after them.

"Or they could hire a gardener," she says. She pulls David along the path to the back of the medblock building. David turns towards Victor and gestures, signing [where are we going?]. Victor is similarly concerned. "Um," he says, looking back over his shoulder. "The units are that way."

"Hopefully the security cameras are still out," Julia says. David signs again, more desperately: [where are we going?!] "Julia, I know you can hear me," Victor shouts.

Julia turns the corner and vanishes. "This way!" she calls. Victor drops his head. "Oh my god," he says quietly.

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Thank you SO MUCH for your patience! For some reason this page took me twelve years longer than normal to finish and my butt has been glued to my chair all day as I tried to get it done. Now I can go lie on the floor until I have to start next week's page.

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