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Chapter 2, pg 19 (12 Aug 2015)

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Victor peers around the corner as Julia begins to lay out her plans. "Here we go! I'm such a genius," she says.

She waves her hand towards a rusty fire escape, the bottom ladder of which is torn off and lying in the bushes behind them. "The fire escape goes right to the second floor," she says. "I'm pretty sure that room is right next to Rachel's office. So we just gotta..."

She points up.

She gestures going over something.

She gestures lifting something up.

She points at the floor. "And we're in," she says.

"What?" Victor says. He mimics her lifting motion. "What does this mean?" "Victor, shut up and give me a boost," Julia says. David has had enough. He starts to speak: "Can someone-"

He winces at the noise and puts his hand to his headphones.

He goes back to signing. [Can you please tell me what's going on?] Victor replies in sign language. [She wants to sneak inside so we can listen to what Noor and Rachel are saying.]

David looks at him, surprised. Julia waits for his verdict.

He gives a thumbs up and Julia turns to Victor. "Yesss, suck it!" she exclaims. "Now boost me."

End of page.

David approves

As a thank you for being so patient these last couple of updates, this week's bonus is another collection of old doodles (including a character who featured heavily in Inhibit's original script but was ultimately cut because She Sucked)