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Chapter 2, pg 20 (19 Aug 2015)

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A shot of the fire escape on the outside of the first floor. We can see above the wall surrounding the compound. There's a small village in the distance.

Julia sticks her hand above the ladder and waves it about.

"Yeah, the cameras are still out," she says.

Victor is lifting Julia up so she can reach the fire escape. He has his hoodie sleeves pulled over his hands. "Good. Great," he says sarcastically. "Can't rely on this place for anything." "Hold still, I'm going up," says Julia.

Julia hoists herself up on the fire escape. Below, Victor boosts David up as well.

Julia and David move up higher up the fire escape as Victor climbs up after them. "Are you sure no one's going to see us?" he asks. "It's fine," Julia replies. "Most of the rooms on this side of the building are empty. Look, that's Dr Schaefer's office. They haven't even bothered to clean up after she quit." "She didn't quit, she was hospitalised," says Victor. "Cameron-" "Zip it," Julia interrupts.

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Going up.

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