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Chapter 2, pg 21 (26 Aug 2015)

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All three of them reach the top floor of the fire escape. David leans against the railings as Julia peers in through the window, hands cupped around her eyes. "You zip it," says Victor. "No, you zip it," Julia replies. "You," says Victor.

Julia sits down and starts to take her left shoe off. "Zip it or I'll freeze your lips off," she says. "Too far," says Victor.

She reaches into her shoe and brings out a lockpick.

David looks down at her, unimpressed. "Don't give me that look," Julia says. "You and Sid sneak onto the roof all the time." "They don't hide lockpicks in their fake legs," Victor points out, pulling his hands back out of his sleeves. "They would if they could," says Julia.

She uses the lockpick to push the window catch open.

Smirking at Victor, she lifts the window in the hand-raising gesture she used earlier. Victor folds his arms and looks away. "Okay, okay," he says. "I get it now."

Julia swings her legs in through the open window. The two boys lean down to peer into the room. It's dark and doesn't seem to have been used in a while; the blinds are half closed, the desk covered in a large white sheet with a chair perched upside down on top of it. There are boxes and papers scattered about.

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Inhibit has reached 50 pages! Nice!!!! And I quite like this page too so that worked out nicely.

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