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Chapter 2, pg 22 (2 Sep 2015)

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"This room is full of junk," Victor says. "Yeah, it's great," says Julia, who seems to genuinely mean it.

She begins to go through the boxes in the room. Victor lifts the sheet covering the desk to reveal even more boxes stored underneath. "I don't think half these rooms have ever been used for anything but storage," Julia says. "Cool, this box is full of old uniforms!"

She pulls out a grey shirt, similar to the one she's wearing. "We could swap our shirts with something else and see how long it takes for someone to notice," she says excitedly.

She inspects the shirt. "Haha, check it out. Double red. You can have that one David."

She presses the shirt into David's hands and picks up another one. "Oh, look. A green electro shirt. Want it?" she asks Victor. "Put that down," Victor snaps. "Who the heck was this even for?" she wonders out loud.

David pulls on the shirt with two red triangles over the one he's already wearing and poses for Victor, who is extremely unimpressed.

"Let's just do the eavesdropping thing and leave," Victor says. "Fine, wow," says Julia. David tugs his new shirt down so it sits better, beaming.

"He is way too happy wearing that shirt," Victor says, as David continues to smile. "Let him have his moment," Julia says. She cups her hand to hear ear and presses against one of the walls.

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