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Chapter 2, pg 23 (1 Oct 2015)

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Julia presses her head against the wall, listening, as the boys wait.

She pushes herself away and frowns. "That's weird," she says. "What?" says Victor. "I don't hear anything," Julia replies.

Victor brightens up and gives a big shrug. "Well, that's that," he says cheerily. "Back down the fire escape." "Eh, no?" Julia says.

She opens the door a crack and peers out down the empty hall. "Wait, what are you doing?" Victor says.

Victor leans out the door after her nervously. "Um, okay," he says. "Be careful. Don't let anyone-"

Julia lunges down the hall at top speed. "Julia!" Victor shouts.

Julia presses herself to a door marked "Hofstee".

She turns back towards the boys and beckons them, grinning.

David peers out the door as well. Victor starts to speak: "I'm going to murder-"

"David!" he yells, clutching his face as David runs down the hall after Julia with a determined expression.

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WOW hiatus is over!! September has been absolutely insane - I went to Tokyo, moved house, met a whole bunch of my comic heroes, turned one year older, probably some other cool stuff too but they were so cool that I can't remember them. Thanks for being so patient waiting for updates!

This page still needs to be shaded (I'm working on it RIGHT NOW) but I thought I had already made you all wait long enough, so here's the unshaded version. THANKS AGAIN, I LOVE YOU ALL <3

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