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Chapter 2, pg 24 (7 Oct 2015)

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David joins Julia by the door. "They're in there!" Julia whispers excitedly.

David starts to sign something but Julia waves him away. "Yeah, yeah, shh, I don't know what you're saying," she says.

Victor creeps out the room and calls after them in a hushed voice, "Guys, what are you doing?!" Julia puts her finger to her mouth and shushes him.

"There are security cameras in the hall!" Victor hisses as he creeps over to join them. "Why are you freaking out all of a sudden?" Julia whispers. David makes the sign for [relax].

"Because now we're actually going to get caught," Victor says, looking around anxiously. "Nah," Julia says. "Shut it so I can hear."

"Julia, you're not listening to me!" Victor moans, clutching at his hair. His arms light up as little streaks of electricity spark everywhere.

"2.3 detected. Variation monitored. Variation out of bounds," comes a voice from overhead. Victor stops, startled. David moves towards Julia, both of them keeping a wary eye on Victor.

"Security lockdown," the announcement continues. The hall is suddenly bathed in red light. "Victor!" Julia snaps as David pushes her away from Victor. Victor grabs his arm, and clenches his fist, trying to stop the electricity. "Shit, sorry, sorry!" he says.

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