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Chapter 2, pg 25 (14 Oct 2015)

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Panel 1.
Julia darts around David and marches back to the door they came through. "Okay, time for a hasty retreat. Let's go lads." Victor sticks his hand in his pocket, looking guilty.

Panel 2.
The boys quickly follow Julia down the hall. David signs at Victor: [Why don't you turn your inhibitors on?] "They are on, but thanks for the tip," Victor says loudly. "Really helpful."

Panel 3.
Julia tries the door handle. "Ah. Door's locked," she says. "Yeah, that's what security lockdown means," Victor says, obvious panic in his voice. "Stop shouting at us!" Julia says.

Panel 4.
They run down the hall towards the staircase. "This is bad. This is the worst," Victor says. "Don't worry," says Julia. "We'll be out of here before they catch us. Head down the stairs!"

Panel 5.
They hurry down the stairs only to bump into Lapin coming up to check on the commotion. "How did you kids get back in here?" he says, surprised.

Panel 6.
Julia whirls around and runs back the way they came. "Nooo nope nope go up the stairs," she says. "You better stop running!" Lapin shouts after them. "Oh my god," Victor says, dragging his hands down his face.

Panel 7.
The three of them run to the top of the stairwell, which ends in a door. Julia bangs her prosthetic leg against one of the steps. "Ow!" she exclaims. "Stupid leg."

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