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Chapter 2, pg 26 (28 Oct 2015)

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Panel 1.
They burst out the door and onto the roof. A startled crow takes flight.

Panel 2.
Julia runs her hands down the side of the door, freezing it shut. She chuckles.

Panel 3.
"That was fun!" she says. Victor stands with his face in his hands. "No," he says, "it wasn't." David climbs down the side of the building back down to the fire escape.

Panel 4.
Once he's down, he reaches back up to help Julia climb down. Julia keeps talking to Victor: "If you stopped feeling sorry for yourself for just a moment, you'd realise that, in fact, it was. Cheers, David."

Panel 5.
She calls up to Victor, who's leaning over the side of the roof. "Oh! Mind your inhibitors are working before you come down here." "Stop getting on at me!" Victor says, scowling.

Panel 6.
He lowers himself over the edge. Julia's voice comes floating up: "I'm not getting on at you, I just don't want to die today." "Gee, thanks," Victor mumbles. "Did you see Rabbit's face? He was sooo mad," Julia continues. "How are you not the tiniest bit concerned right now?" Victor says.

Panel 7.
Victor's legs dangle in front of Julia as she speaks. "Concerned about Rabbit?" she says dismissively, not noticing the figure standing behind the window beside her. "He's like eighty years old, the worst he can do is run and tell-"

Panel 8.
Swff. The figure pulls the blinds up - it's Rachel. "Rachel," Julia finishes her sentence, eyes wide. Victor falls to the fire escape with an "OOF!"

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Happy Halloween! I hope you all have a very spooky weekend. Thanks so much for reading Inhibit!