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Chapter 2, pg 27 (18 Nov 2015)

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Panel 1.
David, Victor, and Julia stand in a line as they're berated by Rachel. "Please tell me that I'm hallucinating," she says. "Because I cannot believe what I am seeing."

Panel 2.
"Of all the days to be pulling this nonsense, why did it have to be today?" she says. "I already have enough on my plate without having to run after you three."

Panel 3.
"We wanted to listen in on your secret meeting," Julia pipes up. "Jules..." Victor groans.

Panel 4.
Rachel raises her hand. "I'm not going to pretend I know what that means," she says. "Shall I write them up?" asks Lapin.

Panel 5.
"No, it's alright," Rachel says. "We're not in trouble?" Julia asks, surprised. "Of course you are," Rachel replies. "I just don't have the energy to deal with this right now. Go back to the units."

Panel 6.
"And get David to take off that shirt," she says as the trio begins to walk away. "Not you, Victor," she says, pointing at him. "You come with me."

Panel 7.
Looking at the floor, Victor leaves David and Julia and walks after Rachel. Julia watches him go, unsure.

Panel 8.
Rachel and Victor walk through the chainlink fence dividing the compound. "Listen, Rachel, I'm really sorry," Victor says. "I swear my inhibitors were on."

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