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Chapter 2, pg 28 (25 Nov 2015)

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"And I know I'm just out of iso," Victor continues, trailing after Rachel, "and we shouldn't have been in there, and I'm really sorry. Don't make me call my mum again."

"It wasn't even my idea, it-" Victor starts to say, but Rachel interrupts him: "This isn't about that." "Huh?" Victor says, falling back as he notices where they're going. "Wait. Why are we going to the office block?"

"This is a very important meeting. Please behave," Rachel says, walking into the building. "Rachel, what's going on?" Victor asks.

"Take off your jumper," Rachel says. "Let's at least pretend you stick to dress code." Victor looks down at his clothes uncertainly.

"When was the last time you brushed your hair?" Rachel demands. Victor touches his hair self-consciously. "Uh," he says. "It's a mess," Rachel announces. "Try to look presentable."

Rachel opens a door into an office as Victor pulls his hoodie over his head. "Thanks for waiting," she says, smiling. "Not at all," someone says in reply.

An old man in a bright yellow button-up, a red waistcoat, and a little bowtie is seated behind a desk. The nameplate in front of him says D SPURLING. There is an ageing computer and a neat line of pens on the desk. Nathan is seated in one of the chairs in front of the desk, watching as Victor and Rachel come in.

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