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Chapter 2, pg 29 (2 Dec 2015)

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Victor meekly follows Rachel into the room, clutching his hoodie. He has two large black inhibitors on both forearms. "Here's the last report from Dr Chaudhry," Rachel says, handing a file to Nate. "Okay," he replies brusquely.

Victor sits next to him, glancing at him nervously, but Nate stares straight ahead at Spurling, the old man. "Mr Allen," Spurling says, "I have a very difficult decision ahead of me."

"The Earl Estate is intended as a waypoint, a stepping stone for those who are unable to realise their full potential. We aim to give our residents the opportunity to learn to control their variation in a safe environment, without the stress and pressure of training facilities. Unfortunately," he continues, beaming, "in the five years that you have lived here, you have shown absolutely no improvement."

"It's... been six years..." Victor says, clutching his arm. Nate tuts.

Spurling adjusts his glasses, squinting at his computer. "Has it?"

Victor looks away as he babbles: "Yeah, cause Urquhart kicked me out when I was eleven, and then there was a year of trial stuff and transfers, so..."

He sinks in his seat. "Six years."

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nice maths, NERD

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