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Chapter 2, pg 30 (9 Dec 2015)

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"Six years, then," Spurling says agreeably, looking over Victor's file on the computer. "Normally a resident would stay here for a couple of years until they prove capable of holding a domestic licence. However, as I'm sure you are well aware, the Estate can only house residents who are under the age of eighteen. Since you will be turning eighteen in a few weeks, I have to decide where you will go from here."

Nate scratches his chin, uninterested. "Um," Victor starts to say, but Spurling continues over him. "I have spoken to Ms Hofstee and Dr Chaudhry about your progress. Based on their reports, I cannot in good conscience give you your domestic licence."

"Hang on, my licence?!" Victor says. He leans forward in his seat, aghast. "I didn't even know you lot were talking about this. Isn't there supposed to be an interview and stuff to help decide?"

Spurling smiles. "Your record gave us all the information we needed to make an informed decision." Victor tries to interrupt but Spurling raises his hand. "Please let me finish."

"The most obvious choice would be to transfer you to an adult housing facility either until you demonstrate enough capability to receive a domestic licence, or until dormancy." "That could take years!" Victor bursts out.

"Lots of variants wait out dormancy. It's not unusual," Rachel says, but Victor isn't soothed. "Yeah, but some people don't go dormant until they're thirty!" he says, throwing his hands in the air.

"By which time they have normally received their domestic licence," Spurling says happily. "There is another option, however, which is what Mr Lei has come to discuss. Mr Lei?"

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