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Chapter 2, pg 31 (16 Dec 2015)

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Nathan finally turns to look at Victor. "So I've already spoken to Rachel and this guy about it," he says. "They're the ones who ultimately get to decide where to send you, but Rachel thought it'd be good for you to hear it as well. Basically, now that Jezza's gone dormant, Urquhart's asked me to replace him as leader of our team. I said yes, obviously. I started last week."

"Congratulations," Victor says through gritted teeth.

"But now we're one person short," Nate continues. "Normally this is where we'd promote a trainee, but I spoke to Esser and made special arrangements for you to come in as a temporary replacement. It'll give you a chance to actually practice your variation instead of sitting on your ass doing nothing, and by the time your birthday rolls around you'll be golden."

Victor stares at him, confused.

He looks at Rachel.

"Why??" he finally says.

"Why what?" Nate says, expressionless. "Why did you do that?" Victor insists.

"I'm helping you out," Nate says. "If you do well, you'll get your domestic licence and be home free." "I won't do well, though," Victor retorts. "I have literally never done well. And I have never, ever asked to go back to Urquhart." "Well, lucky you," says Nate. "You're coming back anyway."

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There won't be an update next week, but thank you all so much for all your support this year! I'm really excited to keep making this comic for you and I can't wait to see what 2016 brings. I hope you all have a wonderful festive season! Next update Dec 30!