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Chapter 2, pg 32 (30 Dec 2015)

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"I don't get this," Victor says. "It's a very generous offer," Rachel says carefully. The Earl Estate doesn't have enough resources to ensure you improve enough before you have to be transferred, but Urquhart does. This could save you years of waiting for dormancy."

Victor ignores her: "Is this a joke? Nate, do you even read the reports Noor gives you?" "Yeah, I read them," Nate says, scowling.

"So why do you want me to come to Urquhart?" Victor presses. "Did you forget you were shouting at me yesterday for breaking shit? Did you not hear the alarm I just set off in the medblock?" He jabs his finger angrily towards the main compound. "Alarm?" Nate snaps. "Christ, what did you do now?"

"That's not important at the moment," Rachel says. Victor sinks back in his chair and loudly says, "Pretty sure it is!"

Nate slings his arm over the back of his chair and gives Rachel a look. "See, this is why I didn't want to tell him," he says. "I think he has a right to help us decide what to do," Rachel replies.

"I'm not going," Victor announces. "It's either this or waiting," Nate says, his inhibitors starting to glow. "My dad was dormant at 24," Victor says.

Nate is fuming. "A minute ago you were complaining about having to wait that long," he says angrily. "Now you'd rather do that than get out this month?"

Victor looks away and doesn't respond.

Nate folds his arms. "Un-fucking-believable," he says. "Anyone else would jump at the chance to leave." "Take one of them then," Victor mumbles. "Cameron turns eighteen soon too, he'll do it."

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