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Chapter 2, pg 33 (6 Jan 2016)

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"No," Nate retorts, "I've arranged this for you. No one else can even know." "Oh great, so you're just gonna let everyone else rot in housing until dormancy?" Victor says loudly.

He looks at Rachel. "...Cameron's going into housing, right?" he asks warily. Spurling speaks up: "Mr Hunt's situation differs from yours somewhat."

"What?! Cameron's getting his licence?" Vic hollers.

"Did you see what he did to Schaefer?" he demands at the top of his lungs. He is nearly beside himself, his inhibitors glowing. "Her arm was all messed up! And you're still giving him his licence?!"

"You want us to start digging into your history?" Nate says dismissively. "Shut the hell up, nate!" Victor barks, arcs of electricity jumping from his shoulders.

"Hey! Enough!" Rachel says sharply. Victor falls forward, clutching his head in his hands. "I guess we gotta get you some new inhibitors too," Nate says, watching the sparks. "How old are those things?"

"This is so unfair," Victor mumbles into his hands as the sparks slowly die down.

He slowly looks up again as he processes what Nate said earlier. "...What do you mean, no one else can know?"

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