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Chapter 2, pg 34 (13 Jan 2016)

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Nate looks at Victor with an expression that could be disgust. "Well, let's stop throwing a tantrum for a moment and think about it," he says. "If you tell everyone you have the chance to go back into training, they're all gonna want to do the same. You think this happens all the time?"

"I've been working for months to get this sorted. Urquhart is making a huge exception for you." Victor glowers at him and says, "So, what, I don't tell anyone I'm leaving and just magically vanish?"

"You're not leaving," Nate replies. "You're still technically a resident at Earl. We'll pick you up in the mornings and drop you back off at night."

"That's even more suspicious. What am I supposed to say?" Victor says. "I don't care, as long as it's not the truth," says Nate.

Victor turns to Rachel, waving his hand at Nate. "Are you hearing this?" he demands.

"Nate, that doesn't sound right," Rachel says. Nate closes his eyes. "Look, it's fine," he says. "You can call Esser and confirm the whole plan with her. If you don't want to send him, whatever, it's up to you. I don't really care anymore. I wasn't expecting to get this much shit for trying to help."

The group sits in silence for a moment. Spurling steeples his fingers.

"Well!" he exclaims. "That settles it."

"Thank you, Mr Lei," he says, beaming. "I believe we will be accepting your offer."

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